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I had a little accident on my knee at the end of September, and because of the severe pain, I had to stay at home for the month of october. I went to the hospital to see if I had broken any bones or whether there was something else I should take care of. I was scared.

After the MRI I went to the doctor. And after some small talk and then some test movements on my leg, he finally broke the news to me: “you are fine. It was a sprain and you can do every sport you want.”

So what’s a guy to do? Yeah, hit Stubai to enjoy some skiing. It had snowed enough to cover the park but not enough to do lines on the glacier. The shapers shoveled out the easy line so that we could have fun anyway.
On the 17th of November my home resort Madonna di Campiglio opened up two lifts. They had a few features in the park. The sky was blue and bunch of people were stocked for the winter to come.

My winter is saved.

Alessandro Conci Video

<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=53950200" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

Alessandro Conci hits Stubai
2 Lifts open at Alessandro Conci home mountain.

Alessandro Conci hails from Italy and is sponsored by Shred and Slytech Protection. He's a freeski ripper.

Here it is, the middle of November and Southwest Colorado has seen only one substantial snow storm this fall. This can be frustrating for skiers in the area. For the last two months ski premiers have been showing each weekend. These movies seem to tease us with thoughts of powder, pillows and backcountry adventures, yet it makes the wait for snow unbearable.

Winter Single Track!

Yet, for some of us, the delayed winter has its benefits. If we cannot set out on a skin track for a day of skiing an equally fun outing can be found shredding the mountain bike trails around Durango, Colorado!


What is that saying? Something about “when life gives you lemons….”


So until the snow flies you can find me riding my Trek Fuel EX on some of the best trails the Southwest has to offer!


Happy Shedding!

Grady loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.

“Shit happens”… I thought it was a funny proverb for a tee-shirt but never realize how true it was! I had the best preparation ever in GS this summer, was in shape to fight this first race of the season, show that my bib 39 was not reflecting my real rank, shred this wall, the steepest we have in the GS World Cup Tour. I love my new Head skis, and I was confident thanks to the last practice runs we made in Tignes…

To sum up, I was waiting for a good result in Solden… But here is the thing that cost me my first race…”to wait” instead of acting for a result is the contrary of what I should have done. I forgot that being good in trainings means nothing when you are at the start. I forgot to fight, to cheer me up in order to turn myself into a gladiator. Instead I was a little girl scared of the “bips”, because the conditions were not the best. I wasn’t focused, looking at the others girls preparing for their turn, wondering what they were thinking, looking at the tv, watching how the others were skiing, wondering how they were feeling…nothing about me! So much that I even didn’t realize the stress growing in my body until It was my turn to put the poles in the start. I watched the tv, but I didn’t even see how “white” the day was. I felt stunned in the first gates…too late. It’s something I have a lot of trouble with not being able to see the ground under me, and I didn’t prepare myself to it. I drifted every turn, making me more and more insecure as I was going down. I didn’t want to go fast just to reach the finish line… I started 39 and I finished 39th of the race. So yes, “Shit happens”. I don’t know what will be my next results and honestly I don’t care, i know that probably many failures will come in my carreer but they won’t have the same taste as Solden.

I ‘m already able to tell you they will not happen because I didn’t fight. I swore myself to never experience this feeling again…I think I will print on my next tee shirt: “Shit happened this way once”…

Anne Sophie Barthet is a Shred Sponsored athlete and races for the French National Ski Team.

It was the first time that the International Freeski Film Festival (IF3 Innsbruck) was held in Innsbruck. And it was a full success with loads of new ski movies, an absolutely cool get-together of the International Freeski Scene. Freeski hero’s like Tanner Hall, Sean Petit, Henrik Harlaut or Jacob Wester were in Innsbruck to show their new films and to party hard…

More than 7.500 viewers on both days – awesome! Together with my teammate Sandra Lahnsteiner our film “Shukran Morocco” was screened and it was again a full success! For those who haven’t seen the trailer yet – here it is:

Here some impressions of the IF3 Innsbruck Festival:

the crowd on the two film marathon days…


Nico Zacek, Sandra Lahnsteiner and myself…


Photocredits: IF3 Innsbruck/David Malacrida


Winter is about to come, sooooo looking forward to!!!! In the meantime training, training, training to get in shape for winter…

Enjoy life & love what you do,




Melissa is from Austria and loves to free ski and be free.

People have been asking: What’s the difference in Ligety’s style between the old skis and the new regulation skis that he and so many others dislike…

It seems Ligety was the fastest to adapt to the new and completely obliterated the competition in the season opener in Solden, Austria.

Here are 2 videos. One from last year’s Solden opener win and the second from yesterday’s. Can you see a difference in the style and approach?

Fast forward to 1:44 to see Ligety’s run on the new skis.

Stephan works with the SHRED and SLYTECH team and loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.

Its the most exciting time of year when temperatures start to drop and the leaves turn and fall. All the signs are pointing to the coming winter, and you can tell everybody is starting to feel it. The feeling is exciting, but can also be very frustrating at times. Especially times when instead of taking important notes in my finance class I get lost in my daydreams skiing powder in Little Cottonwood, or when I start loosing sleep because my brain is running continuous replays of my first Alaska trip last spring. So far, the only antidote to this cruel form of self inflicted mental anguish has been getting on my mountain bike. Here is my attempt to divert your brain’s attention away from snow by showing you some pictures of big mountain shredder, Keely Kelleher, ripping up the red rock of Utah on her Mt Bike.

Personal note: Hang in there fellow winterpeople we are almost there.
-Marcus Caston

Marcus Caston Mountain Biking
Marcus Caston more Mountain Biking

Marcus Caston Mountain Biking

Marcus loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.

Finding snow is sometimes the name of the game. When Independent Ski Racing arrived in Europe with the expectation of skiing at the Stubai Glacier in Austria, we were mistaken and on the journey to find better snow. This brought us to Stelvio, Italy. If you have been to Stelvio then you know the extent of time it takes to get there and the crazy roads and beautiful scenery to finally get to the glacier.

Stelvio, Italy is at 3,400 meters in elevation, which for most people feels like you are on Mt. Everest. I lucked out, because where I am from is about that elevation. To get to Stelvio one can access it through the Italy side or the Switzerland side. You have to climb up about a million switchbacks it feels like to get there.

Finally, when we made it up the roads without any complications, only a couple people feeling car sick, we saw snow. The nice white fluffy stuff is exactly why we did the crazy chase across Europe. We were excited to finally get on our skis and makes some turns.

The crazy roads climbing up to Stelvio.

After an awesome day of training! Shredding!!

Stelvio, Italy from our window in our Hotel room.

Blue, red, blue, red…. which one is ours again? I guess we weren’t the only ones who found snow.

We really lucked out and had an amazing trip to Italy, but you can only stay at that altitude for so long so our team moved back to Austria and have heard rumors of more snow fall. I at least am not listening to rumors and have been doing some snow dances! It is always awesome to find new places and meet new people that love skiing as much as you. Thanks Carl Heinz and Hotel Ortler for helping ISR have an awesome time at Stelvio. Thanks Shred for the awesome new gear to help me style on the Italian slope!

Dream Big and keep shredding,


The motley crew getting ready to leave Stelvio and making friends!


Just a chick who love to ski fast and chasing the dream of 2014 Olympics! Live your life to the fullest and always enjoy everything you do!


It’s funny how elusive grace is when it is not recognized as a fresh face. As I grow I find my senses fading–it takes that much more to impress and inspire me: bigger mountains, brighter colors, more powder, pretty faces. This simple truth is something I am not proud of. It is an aspect of Western life that I am working to vanquish in my personal life. I aspire to grow younger with each breath, to see the world with untrained eyes, to realize the elegance of even the simplest things.

It is difficult to awake each morning without mechanically falling into the same pattern: sigh, stretch, think about the day’s activities, eat, eat some more, stretch again, think, work out, eat again, bills, think about the night’s activities, look ahead, ski, nap, draw, think, work out, eat, read, think, forget to observe and be aware and realize I forgot to realize, oh well, sleep. Though I cannot necessarily change the bustling motif, I can change the way I thread and walk within it.

As I visit the same places every year (this year was my fourth in New Zealand and my ninth in Chile), I attempt to discover new aspects: ski runs, hikes and walks, mountains, rocks, waters, skies and colors. It is hard to want to explore when I’m so exhausted every day after skiing relentlessly at over 10,000 feet.

But I have found some mysterious elements, airy and bodiless. Features that require little physical energy and zest. The clarity and song of water. The scintillating blues and screams of the sky. The rolling and boundlessness of rocks. The sparkling fright of snow. Things I can only see unblinking and with piercing focus.

Then there is the tangible. This was my first year in Portillo to hike and ski off piste. Although there wasn’t any new snow, light and fleecy as I crave, the corn was gorgeous and marvelously fun. Speed training in Portillo always seems to be challenging, and despite the overall lack of snow this year, the training was splendid.

The sunrises and sunsets were magnificently cheesy, the air was crystal crisp, and the water was bitter ice. I spent much more time down by the lake than I have in the past: kayaking, playing music, ice-bathing, and sun-soaking.

“Just Bob” was fabricated in Portillo and premiered one night in the hotel bar. Stacey and I jammed on our guitars, Jan Hudec and Chelsea Marshall provided the beats, and Abby Ghent carried her diva voice to the racket. Though it was a rocking evening, there is certainly more to come from Just Bob. We are hoping to play a few times over the winter–we’ll next meet up in Colorado for some jamming and perhaps another show. Nothing tickles me more than fashioning music with like-minded compadres.

Mostly the Chilean journey turned triumphant, but with the good intrudes the not-so. I had a slight mishap in downhill training one day and walked away (thankfully) with an annihilated left thumb’s proximal phalynx. Youch.

I only missed the last two days of training, so my careful timing was nearly impeccable. My thumb is healing brilliantly now, and I’m back in the states for some off-snow training before heading to Colorado in November. Upon returning home from Chile I went under the knife for a bit of a fix. Now I’m back in Park City, Utah for some physical testing and a week of conditioning camp. I’m already getting antsy and feverish to start training in Colorado in two weeks, and then to race up in numbing Lake Louise at the end of November.

For now, I’ll keep to the sticky gym and work my buns til they off themselves. I am toying on a video from Chile, but if you haven’t yet seen the one I made from New Zealand you can find that here: https://vimeo.com/51030133. Check in for an edit on Chile soon. You can find many silly pictures from my trip to Chile on my blog: http://www.laurenneross.com/blog.html 

Until next time, there is always more to see never too distant… Perhaps I’ll fathom new discoveries when I return to the old places this, next and all years to come.

[Check out the Laurenne Ross profile page]

I love to ski.

Usually by this time of year I have been skiing in the Wasatch at least one time.  This year things seem to be taking their time to get started and I’m just waiting for winter.  Either way the skiing should start within the next few weeks.  

In the meantime, I have been busy with school, exercise and the occasional road trip.  School takes up my evenings Monday thru Thursday, and exercise takes up time during the day.  I am majoring in film production at the University of Utah and the projects take a good amount of time to edit/produce/mix in an artistic and successful way.  I am also planning on doing something with my guitar playing at the University so I spend a chunk of time every day studying guitar.

Exercise takes up about an hour of my day.  My workout plan is simple: run 5 miles and do core workouts.  For freeskiing, I believe the lighter and more agile you are, the better you will perform. 

This week, I had a week off from school and decided to drive home to see my family in Oakdale, California.  We went to a SF Giants playoff game and mountain biked on some local trails.  On the way to the Giants game we stopped in to Berkeley to see the random activities that take place there on a daily basis.  

Berkeley is a fun place, with gigantic record stores and magical necklaces being sold on the street.  I even got into an argument in a record store with a man about our opinions on jazz music.  I said jazz sucks, and he said I would learn to like it if I took more drugs.  So we agreed to disagree.  Then it was off to San Francisco.  The game was fun as usual, except the Giants lost.  I don’t care much anyway, since I’m an A’s fan.  So, hopefully the A’s don’t lose tonight!  The next day, my mom, dad, and I went mountain biking in the neighboring Sierra Nevada mountains.  We brought along our two border collies and had a nice, long ride.  Anyway, that is what I have been up to recently.  Pray to the snow god!  -Gavin Smith

Hi Shredders,

Hope everything is well with you guys. Winter slowly comes closer and closer. I’ve already been skiing on the glacier.

Here are a few pieces of info I thought you’d be in to… Summer has been pretty good – even my organized waterramp competition. Below is a video from the comp…

<embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=48086453" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

Attached you also will find a story about me and my club from a austrian newspaper. Sadly it’s only in german, but it at least gives off some flavor…

Roman Kuss is a freeskier from Austria and is sponsored by Shred Optics and Slytech Protection.
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