Hi Shred Crew!

Here some news update!

Last Friday/Saturday I was in Westendorf (Tirol, Austria) to ride the Shred Down Austrian Masters Slopestyle (3Star TTR).

This is the event where the “Austrian Slopestyle Master” is crowned every year, and for this event you either have to qualify at the Austria Cup Tour or get a Wild Card.

The Format this year was 3 Runs at the Railline best one counts and 3 Runs at the Kicker Line best one counts. I threw down my runs how I wanted it and in the end I got 2nd place. In addition to this I also won the “Best Trick Award” for my Frontside 1080 tail grab. I am pretty stoked, since a lot of Austria`s strongest Slopestyle riders where there and I didn´t expect that I´ll score such a good result. Find some pics and the full result-list in the appendix of this mail.

Then some more news:
One week before, I went to Rinn (near Innsbruck, Austria) to ride the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam there. I was starting in the open class (this is the class for sponsored and pro riders). Threw down my runs and qualified for the final of the best 10. Unfortunately, at my first run in the final the tail of my board broke and I had to ride the whole finals with that handicap.

Anyhow I managed it to put down some good tricks and in the end I got 4th place. This is good, since the first 5 of each Peanut Butter and Railjam Stop qualify for the big finals in Avoriaz. There the best Rail Riders from all over Europe will battle it out at the end of March.




Stephan works with the SHRED and SLYTECH team and loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.

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