Hi Shred Guys!

I hope you are good!

Last weekend I was in Avoriaz, since I was invited to the Volcom Peanut Butter and Railjam European Championships. This is the Final of the PBRJ Tour which took place all over Europe this Winter, and so only the top 5 of all Stops were invited for this event.
At the finals in Avoriaz there were all in all more than 140 competitors, and in my class (the open division) I think there where about 50 people competing.

The setup was not so easy to ride and the level was amazingly high, since a lot of Europes best rail riders were there.
I managed it to get in the finals of the best 15, already stoked about that. In the end I got 5th place, pretty stoked.
I put a picture of me at the prizegiving in the appendix of this mail and here is the link to the official video edit…

Stephan works with the SHRED and SLYTECH team and loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.

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