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In a sport where protection is paramount to survival, more and more racers look to Shred for safe equipment that makes a statement. Swiss Ski Team Racer, Marc Berthod Chooses Shred.

SHRED is stoked to announce the addition of Marc Berthod to their expanding global team of skiers and snowboarders. 

Said Berthod after his first sessions with his new gear, “I’m happy with everything, the helmets fit perfectly. I’m proud to be a member of the Shred team!!”

Marc has been our target for a while, so after a few years of productive collaboration with Slytech Protection it was high time to get him fully on board with SHRED helmets and goggles. He is one of the skiers that pushes the limits beyond the norm, bringing his own style and personality on the hills of the World Cup.

He is a perfect fit for the brand and he has the image of the Shredder on and off the hill. We are looking forward to see him back on the podium. SHRED on, Marc.

Marc Berthod joins other Swiss Shredders on the team, including snowboard legend Romain De Marchi.

Shoot him a congratulatory shootout on Facebook: http://facebook.com/shredoptics at the wall post.

Stephan works with the SHRED and SLYTECH team and loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.