short update:

Tuff season start! Three days ago I almost died. Thx to Steve, CK and Beckna for telling us that a barbed wire fence was crossing our landing! I was shocked when I saw the two meter metal poles 10cm under the snow!

I had some intense days with Grilo so I rested two days before I drove to Zillertal on Sunday! The thing with resting days is that the pain is coming out! So I had already back pain when I got to Zillertal and on the first day shooting I twisted again my back super bad so that I had to ride and jump with super back pain! So my body is kind of fucked now and I need some more resting days and some therapy!

Thx to Werni, Christian, Mau and Justin for some nice but intense three days!

stay tuned!

Marco Feichtner at crew in Zillertal.

Here are some pics of the kicker and the landing area that had the metal stakes and barbed wire… ohhh boy, Marco Feichtner, you one lucky SOB!



Marco loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.

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