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I am not just another number, and if you’re reading this you’re not a number either. You’re a non-conforming badass shredder just like me. The FIS will not hold us down by telling us what we can and cannot do. We are progressives who care about one thing and one thing only…skiing. I live for skiing, and I know that you do too. Skiing is all about progression and pushing the limits of what was previously thought impossible. I’m not going to tell you what we are about to do on our skis, or how far we are going to push the limit, that’s what FIS does. I’m going to tell you that we recognize the constraints that FIS has put on us, and we are not going to pay attention to them. We will fight for our right to progress the sport to unknown levels. I am so lucky to find a hardcore group of people who share the same vision and passion for life, and so it’s no coincidence that I use Shred and Slytech. FUCK FIS.



Marcus Caston
“Living life, Loving it” – Spencer Nelson