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Here it is, the middle of November and Southwest Colorado has seen only one substantial snow storm this fall. This can be frustrating for skiers in the area. For the last two months ski premiers have been showing each weekend. These movies seem to tease us with thoughts of powder, pillows and backcountry adventures, yet it makes the wait for snow unbearable.

Winter Single Track!

Yet, for some of us, the delayed winter has its benefits. If we cannot set out on a skin track for a day of skiing an equally fun outing can be found shredding the mountain bike trails around Durango, Colorado!


What is that saying? Something about “when life gives you lemons….”


So until the snow flies you can find me riding my Trek Fuel EX on some of the best trails the Southwest has to offer!


Happy Shedding!

Grady loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.