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Jon is a ski cross guy who loves to live in the moment.

Submit your photo contest image here and win Shred helmet, goggles and Slytech Back Pro: http://whyweshred.com/why-i-shred-photo-contest/

Your Name – Jon DeWitt
What of the 3 Themes? – Why I Shred
Location the Images was Shot – Mountain High, CA
Who Is in This Picture? – Me, Myself, and I (Jonny DeWitt
Describe Your Image – Right before my skier cross event goofing off and just having fun! This is why i shred to have fun and to live in every moment

Stephan works with the SHRED and SLYTECH team and loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.
  • Wilsondcole

    The is a cool picture

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    Aw nice. :)

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    You’re a cool kid ;)

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    Nice photo!