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Sarah Schleper stopped by the Fuxi Racing Shop in Government Camp for some autograph signing action and meet n greet. While she was fashionably late, the kids stuck around to meet her. That go her pumped to see such a big female fan attendance. Kid’s got some poster’s signed and then received some free shwag if they answered a few questions correctly. All in all a good time!

As you may recall, Sarah retired this past spring, but by the looks of it still loves to get her ski on! Thanks Sarah for sharing the love!

Make sure to send us some pics of your next surfing trip. I’m sure it can’t be too far off.


Sarah Schleper with adoring fan.
Sarah Schleper at Shred signing.
Sarah Schleper with fans.
The gals came out in droves for Sarah Schleper.

Stephan works with the SHRED and SLYTECH team and loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.