***spelling alert: marco doesn’t heed capitalization norms. ***

short update:

finally i am back home in montafon! i thought i am coming home to shred some slush snow but it started snowing and today i had some sick pow turns- so much fun ( pow in april)- and its still snowing!

about my trip:

i stayed 1 month in backer with werni, chris and justin! we had a great and productive time! the only thing what was not so cool at backer is the weather! it was raining, snowing almost everyday- you now what that means- wet as fuck every day- i don’t thing there is any material who is resistant against that wet weather( maybe rubber clothing’s) the locals call it cascade concrete! as i said we had some really nice days up on the mountain! not to forget, on the way back home i visit the ride office in seattle! thx matt for driving me around!

i think my filming season is over- i had a great season got some stuff and the best thing my body is still in a good shape ( no pain)!

talk to you soon- thx for your support-ride on!

Marco loves to ski, surf, sup and windsurf.

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